We all know Diwali is a time for celebration. It is also a wonderful time to share our blessings with gratitude.
This Diwali, with Akshaya Patra – you can do the two together. Send a gift to someone you love and share the joys of this giving by providing Food for Education.

Choose to sponsor school meals for children on behalf of your loved ones. Let them know that instead of sending them a gift which may simply lie in their cupboards, you have chosen instead to bring them blessings from the children who receive a year of school meals. On your behalf, we will send them a beautifully crafted certificate telling them the number of children sponsored and a delightful box of handcrafted chocolates.

All you need to do is – let us know the number of family and friends you would like to send a gift to, with your chosen amount and we will do the rest.

Show your love to your friends, family, and colleagues just a bit differently. Your gift will brighten up a child’s life via food and education. Surely this is one Diwali legacy you would love to be a part of!


£11 Gift certificate  serves a child school meals for one whole year and your loved one receives a piece of chocolate

£21 Gift certificate serves a child school meals for 2 whole years and your loved one receives 3 pieces of chocolates 

£31 Gift certificate serves a child school meals for 3 whole years and your loved one receives 3 pieces of chocolates   

£51 Gift certificate serves a child school meals for 5 whole years and your loved one receives a box of 6 chocolates  


So here is how it works:

1. Simply send us the names of the people you want to gift, and the amount you wish to donate on behalf of each of them.

2. We accordingly prepare a gift certificate with their name, add the chocolates and post it directly to them on your behalf.

3. Or you can choose to get it sent to you, so you can gift it to them personally.


For more details please email us on info@akshayapatra.co.uk or speak to one of us on 02074226612/38.

The artisan chocolates have been made by Amrta (www.amrtachocolates.com). All chocolates are eggless and freshly prepared by Ambika, founder of Amrta, herself!
Here’s to a lovely Diwali and many gifts of joy!