Christmas is just around the corner and the spirit of the season is in the air.

This also means we are all scampering for different and unique Christmas gifts for our near and dear ones. So here is a gift idea we know is just so apt for this season of giving. Why not send a gift certificate to all of them which shows that you have donated to Akshaya Patra on their behalf, and the money will be used to provide school meals for the underprivileged children.

Let them know that rather than sending them a gift which could simply find a place in one of their cupboards, you have chosen instead to bring them blessings from the children who receive school meals from them. On your behalf, we will send them a personalised certificate with the number of school meals they have sponsored and a delightful box of handcrafted eggless truffles.

All you need to do is – let us know the number of family and friends you would like to send a gift to, along with your chosen amount and we will do the rest.

Show your love to your friends, family and colleagues just a bit differently this year. Surely this is one Christmas legacy you would love to be a part of!